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There are many different varieties of services that we provide so that people who seek our help are benefited. There are people coming up to us with different problems and it is our concern to help them out of their problem and provide support in every possible way. People do need mentoring before joining the professional line and we provide them with the help they want. Those who want entrepreneurship training are provides with the same so that once they get into business they succeed that showers them uncountable achievement and glory. The services we provide are:


It is not a child’s play to build and empire and makes it run successfully. It calls for balance, calculation, hard work and perseverance until the goal is reached. To gain this a person needs to be properly trained and made thorough with the pros and cones of running a business or working in a firm. This is when we come into play. There are people working under us who excel at this job of training amateurs as well as semi-professionals to get a good grasp on the subject and get a quick look of the work that is related to the life they are opting for.


Social entrepreneurship
The main difference between a business entrepreneurship and a social entrepreneurship is that they both measure the performance of the company from two different perspectives.  The concern of a business entrepreneurship is the profit or even the losses that will affect the company, whereas on the other hand social entrepreneurship deals with problems that are social and make proper use of the entrepreneur skills to deal with the problem. This is what we aim to provide to all the people who seek our  support. We are well aware of the problems and this is why we teach the people coming over to us to deal with such problems tactfully.


This is one of the most important factors that play a significant role in the professional life of a person. Every person needs a mentor who acts as a guide to them and shows them the appropriate ways in getting a job done. Mentors teach their Mentis to take the correct decisions and proceed towards the goal steadily. Before getting into a business and running it, mentoring is a very essential step and those willing to get the correct and helpful guidance can come up to us as this is where we provide appropriate mentoring that will help students carve out a bright future for themselves.


This is a process in which different businessmen, corporate officials and suck like-minded people gather at a place when they recognise an opportunity to discuss business and deal with the matters that concern it. This helps people to discuss their problems and get proper help or create new business relationships that are beneficial to one’s company. Our organisation helps provide this and also hold such meets weekly so that exchange of views and outlooks can take place and new professional relationships can be formed. We from our side deal with providing help to the companies for their success.


Train the trainer
Every person needs to be trained and it is very important that a trainer does not falter in his ability to train a student or an aspiring businessman. So it is very important that the trainer gets trained himself properly before he takes the responsibility of training others. So our trainers are trained by the experts who teach them thoroughly and make sure that they are ready for training others before they are given the permission. These experts are all well reputed in their fields and they know ways of dealing with problems of various kinds thus providing the trainers with proper guidance.


Goal setting:
Every entrepreneur should be goal focus then and only then he can achieve “the target he has set.” We also believe in “what gets measures get done” so it is very important to set your goal.


Industry Linkages
This is a crucial factor for the growth and development of a business organisation. It is very essential that there is a steady industrial linkage for a particular company for it to reach heights. For those who dream of linking their company to bigger and better enterprises must come to us as we are ready to provide the help they desire. This actually helps the companies to grow and thus in return increase the competitiveness. Thus in this way companies cluster together and improve the quality of work with the help of networking. Thus small companies are able to focus more on their fields of expertise.


Quality Management Services (QMS) certification Guidance
Those companies that have QMS certification have a very good reputation amongst its customers and people tend to buy the products of the company even more. The companies having this certification also gain international recognition that is beneficial to any company and the employees working in it.  So those companies who want this certification can take our help as we provide this certification. This is a very essential part of running a business and taking it to great heights as reputation of a company increases due to this certification and this plays a key role in taking the business to the zenith.


Business Trade Fair
This is a very important part of business as it helps a particular company to analyse the market value of their products, their feedback and compare them to that of other rival companies. We organise this trade fair as many different important business members meet displaying the products that they are about to launch in the market, share their views and expectation and get to know the  competition they have in that field of business. We organise these fairs and thus help companies to improve their quality of product and their both positive and negative feedbacks from the people present in the meet as well from others.


Conferences & Seminars
We also organise different seminars as well as conferences that help people from important field of business meet and discuss on the problems faced by them and improvise on products that has already been launched or yet to be launched in the market. Many eminent important personalities also are invited to come to the meet and thus companies get an exposure to voice their opinions and seek help if any from them. This helps a company to get to know the flaws that might be there and tactfully tackle it. We know that these are important for a business and thus we prove a helping hand.


Awards & Recognitions
Companies that are doing well and growing and improving steadily do get proper recognition and we do give away awards to them. Not only this, but also we organise proper meets and where companies are given away awards based on their merit, progress, success and so on so forth.  We provide an exposure in this way so that companies get a recognition that helps them to carry on their work in a better and bigger way. We organise to give recognition to small companies that have just started their business in the market so that they do can grow bigger.

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BCCII is meant to help and support any business that is directly or indirectly related to our country and helping out that very business when it needs help.